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Pheasant Marsh

Golf Preserve

An Exclusive and Unique 

Golf Experience


The New Course

(And practice facility)


The Old Course

 (Shut down by the State of Minnesota Fall of 2021)

Bunker Hill


The Bog


Farmer's Daughter


Pheasant Marsh's Old Par 3 course tipped out at a total of 734 yards in length. Most holes had challenging carries and wind was always a mystery.


Sights of Pheasant Marsh

The Home of  Marshland Golf


Our Story

Pheasant Marsh Golf Preserve started as a one hole backyard project that, with a little manual labor and excess materials, has turned into a very challenging multi-hole nature walk.

With wheelbarrows, shovels, and rakes, the grounds crew has manicured a clever path through the marshes of southern Forest Lake without the use of excavation equipment or disturbing the existing wildlife habitat.***

While the greens might not have a stimp rating, the challenges of carry distance and wind management are unparalleled for a short course. 

Scenic views and wildlife thrive on the property. It is common to hear the cackle of pheasants, fleeing deer, and the flyovers of waterfowl.  Mating season is a treat here at Pheasant Marsh Golf Preserve.

So, crack a cold one, grab a couple clubs, and leave your ProV1's and collared shirts at home. 

***Despite the careful construction, the State of Minnesota Soil and Water Division notified Pheasant Marsh that it was partially built on a conservation easement. This was brought to our attention when a meeting was set with local authoritative bodies to make sure Pheasant Marsh was not in violation of any wetland acts or DNR rules and regulations. We were obviously wrong and have redesigned the course in 2022 to comply with regulations.


Unfortunately for some, Pheasant Marsh resides on private property.  Therefore due to privacy and liability, "memberships" are offered on a get-to-know-you basis. It is highly encouraged by management to bring a bottle of whiskey to share as a "thanks for having me out" gesture. Guests of "members" are always welcome with permission.

Feel free to fill out our contact form to get more information on Pheasant Marsh Golf Preserve or get added to our email/guest list.

We appreciate your patience in understanding in our "exclusivity".

Contact Us

Pheasant Marsh Golf Preserve is located in Forest Lake Minnesota.

To contact us, please complete the form on this page and we will get back to you with a reply as soon as possible!


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